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Product Care


Leather is a natural material that has unique variations in colour and texture.

Our products are crafted from a variety of quality leathers, some of which may fade & soften over time, or be more delicate than others.

Light-coloured leather accessories are prone to absorbing other dyed material, so please take care when wearing these pieces with denim and other dark materials.

Avoid rubbing your item against rough or sharp surfaces to minimise scratching.

We recommend using a natural solvent to clean any marks on your product.


Foil Monogramming

The metallic foil in your monogramming can fade if it comes in contact with substances that can react to the composition of the foil, such as perfumes, cosmetics and other chemicals. Excessive rubbing can also cause the metallic foil to fade. 



We recommend storing your leather pouch in the original dust bag when not in use. Store all leather items in a cool, dry place such as the original packaging box.