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Monogramming FAQ

We provide a complimentary monogramming service on all Koža Leather products. 

How many letters can I have embossed?

You may select up to 6 characters on our pouches and 1 character on our shoes and bows. 

What are the limitations on monogramming?

Maximum 2 x repeating letter on pouches except when combination of upper and lower case (e.g. if your name has 3 x letter A we can emboss it as 'Alana' instead of all upper case or all lower case)

Maximum 1 x number, punctuation and emoji on pouches (e.g. if you have a middle name in your initials we can emboss it as 'JWD' or 'J W D' instead of 'J.W.D'

Maximum 1x character in total on all shoes and bows 

What size font do you offer?

We offer sans serif font in size 36pt in both upper and lower case.

What characters and emojis can you emboss?

0123456789 ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) - +

We also offer a heart, ring and diamond emoji.

Can I emboss two words?

Yes, on our pouches you may select up to 6 characters and separate words with a space. 

e.g. MRS P(ring emoji) is a popular choice for brides 

What colours do you emboss in?

We currently emboss in gold, silver and blind (meaning we press onto the leather, leaving no colour).

Where will my personalisation be placed?

We have carefully selected the placement of monogramming for each product to be in a location that is most visible and appealing.

Pouches: Bottom right corner

T-bars: Square tab at front of right shoe

Oxfords: Outer side of right shoe

Headbands: Left side of bow


If you have any further questions or special requests please contact us at and we will make every attempt to assist you further.